Resort town Dilijan, health resort town Jermuk and sky resort town Tsaghkadzor are amongst the most visited towns in Armenia by tourists and locals alike. Not to forget to mention about Goris - one of the main cities in the country surrounded with woody mountains. Explore the unforgettable beauty and mild climate of Armenian towns and cities.

  • Tsaghkadzor

    Tsaghkadzor is considered to be Armenian Switzerland. Widely known as a spa center and ski resort this place can suggest different attractions to visitors. Among them is modern ropeway which will lift you up to the mountains. Moreover, here one can enjoy and admire the beauty of Armenian mountains and fields covered with flowers. Tsaghkadzor is also known for its old churches such as well-preserved medieval Armenian Monastery Kecharis.


  • Oshakan

    Oshakan is well-known to historians and pilgrims of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The town was popular field trip destination for school children who have just learned the Armenian alphabet. This is because the inventor of Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtoc is buried beneath the modern St. Mashtoc church here


  • Hankavan

    Hankavan town is one of the Greek communities in Armenia. This place is widely known for its natural hot springs that can heal muscle injuries, reduce back pains and other diseases. The local people believe that once you take the natural hot bath, you will feel better for a couple of years. If you want to test the power of the healing water you should take a bath in a natural environment and relaxing atmosphere


  • Yerevan

    Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and one of the ancient cities in the world. Lying in Ararat Valley Yerevan has passed a long way full of invasions and ups and downs. Nowadays, it is a leading industrial, cultural, scientific and educational centre. Yerevan is home to the majority of museums and art galleries, theaters and cinemas, educational institutions, churches and historical monuments in the country. Here one can find the mixture of both old and new architecture.


  • Dsegh

    The picturesque village of Dsegh is the birthplace of the famous Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan and hosts the Tumanian house museum. The village is on one side of Debed River. Around the village and inside there are basilicas of 654 built by the Mamikonyans. In addition, the dense forests and gorges make the village of Dsegh a wonderful place to visit and explore.


  • Jermuk

    Jermuk is considered to be a center of tourism and health services. The town is famous for its mild climate, extremely pure air, healing mineral springs and water pools, which are used for medical purposes. Here on can find charming landscapes and calming atmosphere. The resort town also has a lot of parks and forests. Jermuk is also a perfect destination for hiking or relaxing near the Jermuk Waterfall or the Mermaids hair.


  • Dilijan

    Town Dilijan had a fame of health resort and religious center in medieval times. As for now, it is known for its wonderful nature and forests as well as cultural heritage such as Haghartsin Monastery that undertook major renovation and infrastructure upgrade in the recent years, and Goshavank Monastery which was again famous cultural and religious center in medieval Armenia.