“Temples of worship and the images that fill them are first of all documents of the history of religion” Among the most visited tourist attractions in Armenia are Garni Temple which is the only wholly preserved sample of Hellenistic architecture and the ruins of Zvartnots Temple. Click more for detailed information regarding the temples.

  • Zvatnots Temple

    Zvatnots Temple was built in 641-661 when Armenia was under Byzantine control and during the early invasions of Muslim Arabs. It is a rare example of International architecture and the symbol of Armenian’s creative talent. It makes a great impression with its big size and highly artistic ornaments. Therefore the ruins of Zvartnots Temple are included in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.


  • Garni Temple

    Garni Temple dates back to the 1st century. The temple was originally dedicated to Helios, the God of the sun. Its first modern excavation took place in the early 20th century. The structures of Garni combine elements of Hellenistic and national culture which is an evidence of antique influences. To the side of the temple is a nicely preserved Roman bathhouse.