Archaeological sites

With thousands of years of rich history Armenia is of utmost interest to archaeologists. Throughout the decades excavations were conducted in Armenia which have revealed various medieval ruins, chapels, bridges, churches and fortresses. The most striking findings were the 5500-year old shoe and the oldest winery in Areni village.

  • Karahunj

    Karahunj is a circular arrangement of 220 stones. The complex consists of large megalithic structures, tombs and menhirs and may in fact be the oldest stone observatory in the world, predating England's Stonehenge. This Prehistoric archaeological site covers 7 hectares and belongs to Bronze Age. It is believed that the Armenian Stonehenge (Karahunj) has a history of 7500 years.


  • Agarak

    Agarak is located 25 kilometers from Yerevan not far from the city of Ashtarak. The large area of this ancient settlement is covered with huge stones. During the excavations different artifacts from III millennium BC to the Late Middle Ages were found. Among the objects are bronze weapons, stone tools, ceramic statues, rings and coins of Emperor August and Alexander of Macedonia.


  • Metsamor

    Large urban settlement Metsamor (7,000 BC) is one of the most important prehistoric monuments in Armenia and consists of citadel, observatory, cyclopean walls and cemetery. Nearby is also a museum with a wide collection of objects that was found during the excavations. Just outside of the entrance of a museum is standing a row of phallus stones which were created for fertility.