Lakes and Waterfalls

Armenia is home to many lakes and waterfalls powered by fresh water. Armenian Highland is famous for with two major and numerous small and medium-sized lakes. The largest lakes in the country are Lake Sevan and Lake Arpi. There are also more than 100 small mountain lakes. The largest waterfall after the Trchkan Falls is Shaki Waterfall.

  • Shaki Waterfall

    Shaki Waterfall located on the road to Sisian, is Armenia’s second largest waterfall after the Trchkan Falls near Gyumri. Falling from 18 meters, the water forms a refreshing diversion and majestic combination with Vorotan Gorge. According to the legend Shaki is a name of beautiful girl which didn’t want to become a victim of the violence and jumps from a high rock. When falling down her long dress turns into a waterfall.


  • Lake Sevan

    Sevan Lake, located just 60km from Yerevan, is considered to be one of the world’s greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. It is the main recreation resource in Armenia for locals and tourists alike. One of the most interesting sites in Sevan is medieval church complex – Sevanavank - on the rocky peninsula which was founded in 874 AD.


  • Parz Lich

    Parz Lake is a small lake located in the Dilijan National Park and was formed by natural climatic changes. It covers an area of 2 hectares and is 5 meters deep. The color of water is greenish; however the surface of a lake looks like a glass. There is no swimming at this lake, but the forested environs make it a pleasant and restful place for picnic. The best time to visit the lake is spring and early summer when you will find great views.