Armenia is considered to be a land of mountains and extinct volcanoes. From north to south and east to west, Armenia is simply bound by chains of mountains. The highest peak of the Republic of Armenia is Mount Aragats reaching a height of 4090m. However, the national symbol of Armenia is Mount Ararat though it is located in Eastern Turkey.

  • Ararat

    Mount Ararat has always been a part of Armenian national life and is considered holy and an outstanding symbol of political existence. It is the national symbol of Armenia and is depicted in the center of the coat of arms. It has been a source of inspiration for many poets and painters with its matchless beauty. Anyone visiting Armenia will always remember the most majestic and incredible scene in the world.


  • Aragats

    The highest mountain of Armenia – Aragats - was formed by a volcano eruption. It has four peaks the highest of which is 4090 meters. Its peaks are accessible to most mountain climbers and naturalists for exploring. On the slopes of the mountain were discovered remains of ancient cultures and irrigation system. On the slopes are the Byurakan Observatory and the medieval Amberd Fortress.