Fourchettes organization

An integral part of the most events is hospitality. The reception, exhibition, business meetings, presentations or just family events are a perfect excuse for organizing fourchettes.

Our company provides a a variety of fourchettes. We give an individual approach to organization of each fourchette . Our specialists will make a special menu for your event taking into account the nature and the number of guests.It will include a wide range of canapés, salads, fruits, drinks and other dishes.

Guarantee of our success is not only high quality organized fourchettes but also beautiful and intelligent design of environment, regulations while providing meals and quality of service.

. Corporate fourchettes
. Wedding fourchettes
. Baby fourchettes
. Thematic fourchettes
. Buffet tables
. Chocolate Fountain

For ordering catering you need to visit our office. After discussing all the components, the type, decorations and the place we are going to organize catering we’ll confirm the full price of the order, after which an agreement will be signed between the parties, unless there is another agreement with the client. After signing the contract the customer is obligated to pay the deposit, which will be at least 30% of the order amount. The remaining amount must be paid during or after the order.
Final changes can be done within the period of time specified in the contract.
The customer must use the property carefully and after the event stand back it to the company. In case of damaging anything the client will pay the specified amount of money. In case of any problems concerning the payment or the cancellation of the order will function the points of the contract signed with the client.

  • Baby Event

    Our company will fulfil your most daring and creative ideas making your childs celebration a real fairy tale.

    Children's birthday parties, baptisms, tooth party, organization of children's performances. As well as we provide with fairy tale characters, clown, magician, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.


  • Design and printing

    One of the advantages of our company is the full service package which also includes design and printing.

    Design and printing of invitations, greeting cards and DVD drives. We are also conducting printing on petals, balloons, chocolates and other surfaces. We accept orders for accessories handmade gifts and souvenirs preparing for wedding and other celebrations.


  • Filming and photography

    Our professional photographers and operators will shoot the most memorable moments of your event, making them unforgettable.

    Filming and photography of weddings, children's parties, graduation parties, other celebrations and corporate events. Movie making, organizing photo shoots, videos and other types of photo and video services.