Corporate Event Planning

Besides having a sequence of hard working days, companies also organize events. During such events entrepreneurs establish new business ties and employees strengthen their relations. Corporate events indicate the successful company activities and the company in its turn, is ready to share its achievements with everyone.

Our company organizes corporate events, taking into account the specifics of the organization activity, the nature and purpose of the event.

We offer a complete package of services. Our services include all parts of the event planning-receiving and welcoming of guests, entertainment, music, organizing of shows, souvenirs and any other services that will make your event memorable and on target.

. Catering
. Presentations management
. Business Lunches
. Opening Ceremonies Event
. Coffee Breaks
. Corporate Parties

Hi Armenia Company will start the preparations of your event at our office after oraly confirmation of the order. We will signe a contract with the client, unless there is another agreement and then the preparations for the event will bigin.
After signing the contract, the customer is obligated to pay the deposit, which will be at least 30% of the order amount. The remaining amount must be paid during or after the order. If there are some problems concerning the payment or the cancellation of the order will function the points of the contract signed with the client.
Organization of romantic meetings, family events, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, themed events, carnivals, premarital events, parties, picnics, Christmas parties and banquets.

  • Wedding

    Get rid of unnecessary problems and your wedding preparations not only will not bother you but will give you positive emotions and beautiful memories.

    Development of personal wedding scenarios, decoration of wedding halls, churches and restaurants, providing with cars, preparation of bouquets and accessories, wedding menu and restaurant booking, providing with singers, musicians, toastmaster as well as organization of special effects and show-programs.


  • Design and printing

    One of the advantages of our company is the full service package which also includes design and printing.

    Design and printing of invitations, greeting cards and DVD drives. We are also conducting printing on petals, balloons, chocolates and other surfaces. We accept orders for accessories handmade gifts and souvenirs preparing for wedding and other celebrations.


  • Corporate Event

    We organize corporate events, taking into account the specifics of the your organization activity, the nature and purpose of the event.

    We organize banquets, presentations, business lunches, opening ceremonies, coffee breaks, corporate events. As well as team-building camps, team games and workshops.