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  • Daily Excursions

    Our excursions give you the opportunity to get closer to real Armenia, either on foot or by car, accompanied by an experienced guide. City tour in Yerevan or day trips to tourist attractions are the best options to explore every corner of the ancient cities, to experience local hospitality in Armenian villages and to enjoy traditional Armenian cuisine.

    Our day trips are dependent on a minimum of three people booked for that day. If Hi Armenia cancels your tour due to lack of numbers you will be given the choice of either a full refund or a re-booking to another day. It is therefore important that you provide up to date contact details. The Company reserves the right to assess cancellations on a case by case basis. Please see Terms and Conditions for refund criteria and more information.


  • Domestic tourism
  • Guest reception

    Our team is ready to personally meet you as you land. Whether you are on a business trip, or on a pleasure encounter, our guests choose us because of our dedication and commitment to the quality of the service we provide.

    All reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the airport transfer time. Customers will be taken through several stages where they will be required to enter their personal and travel details (flight number, arrival-departure time etc.). It is their responsibility to enter details carefully and correctly. The confirmation of the reservation will be e-mailed to the Customer once it has been accepted. Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.