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Incoming tourism

We love holidays with a difference and created Hi Armenia to offer a great selection of tour packages throughout Armenia.  Our trip styles – basic, cultural and historical, religious and archeological, nature and adventure, special interest tours, event and incentive tours, hiking and cycling tours etc. – allow you to choose what suits you the best. Take your time to explore the best of Armenia in our all-encompassing journey through nature trails, along mountainous regions and within ancient towns. Engage in a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, cycling, camping and caving as well as bird watching. Experience the local culture and warm hospitality, customs and traditions, excellent local cuisine in some of the undiscovered and quaint Armenian villages.  Finally, the beautiful sceneries and landscapes all around the country provide great opportunity for both painting and photography. 

Whatever motivates you to travel and discover the world, we are here to help you to get an authentic experiences as close to local life as possible. Our day trips and tour packages are designed in a way to create unforgettable memories and real life experiences.

Event management

Event Planning In everybody’s live there comes days which are very important and we want to make these days unforgettable. Agree that very often the preparation and current work of an event takes lots of effort and energy. So during the event we don’t even have time fully enjoy our holiday.
During these special days Hi Armenia event organizing company will be with you. Our professionals will show an individual approach to every client taking into account their all the wishes and preferences.
We will organize an unforgettable holiday. We will organize your corporate events, birthdays, weddings, children and other events.
We will provide high-quality buffets, banquets, business lunches, coffee breaks services.
We will also provide assistant staff, waiters, cooks, host etc. We will make any event memorable, applying special effects and arranging unforgettable shows.