About Armenia

Facts About Armenia That You Might Not Know

Situated along the route of the Great Silk Road Armenia always has something special to offer both locals and tourists alike. There are some interesting things about Armenia that everyone should know. The very first interesting fact that Hi Armenia wants to share with you is the unique opportunity to visit monasteries and churches that are inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Currently Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, Geghard Monastery with Upper Azat Valley, Cathedral and churches of Etchmiadzin and the Archaeological site of Zvartnots are included in the list. The second fact that attracts thousands of foreigners to Armenia is the world's longest reversible aerial tramway - The Wings of Tatev – which is included in The Guinness Book of World Records. Moreover, Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. Recently Irish and Armenian archeologists discovered the oldest winery in Areni village which is 6,100-year-old. The earliest known shoe in the world (5500 years old) was also found in Areni.

Tourism in Armenia is rooted in the country's historical landmarks and natural attractions such as the water resorts of Lake Sevan, the hot springs of Arzni and Jermuk, the forests of Dilijan, Aghveran, Tsaghkadzor and Bjurakan, and the mountainous natural caves and cliffs of the Southeast region. The National symbol of the country is Mount Ararat though it is located in Eastern Turkey.

Not to forget to mention that Armenia is a well-known destination for cognac, reputed to have been a favorite of Britain's wartime leader, Winston Churchill. Ararat Brandy Factory is located just in the heart of Yerevan on the left bank of Hrazdan River which is one of the most picturesque places in Armenia.

The fame of Armenian cuisine extends far beyond the country's border and it is another great reason to visit our country. Any traveler to Armenia will have tried Armenian flat bread - lavash – at some point. Lavash has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. However, it is not the only integral part of traditional Armenian cuisine. Barbecue is one of the special foods of the Armenian cuisine. That is why tourists never leave our country without tasting famous Armenian barbeque. Apricot is another symbol. There is no place in the world where apricot is tastier than in Armenia.

Along with these facts, Armenia has a lot more to offer visitors. Hotels in Yerevan and regions are always ready to welcome guests and provide an unforgettable experience to everyone. Moreover, you can chose the accommodation that best suits you from the list of health resorts, rest houses, guesthouses, hostels, and even rent an apartment in Yerevan or provinces. Tourist friendly shops and child- friendly restaurants are open every day till midnight. Pubs, bars and wineries busy working to satisfy customers. All these make Armenia an ideal destination to visit, to explore and experience.

Below you can find more detailed information about the country such as geographical and religious facts, information regarding the climate, flights, embassies, visa regulations, banking system and currency as well as public transportation.

Geographical information

Armenia is located in the South Caucasus, bordered by Georgia from the north, Iran from the south, Azerbaijan from the north-east and the south-west and Turkey from the west. It occupies a territory of 29 800 square km and situated about 1800m above sea level. Armenia is a land of rugged mountains and extinct volcanoes and its highest point is Mount Aragats, 13,435 ft (4,095 m). The Capital of the Republic of Armenia is Yerevan - one of the world's oldest cities and an important administrative, cultural, and industrial center.


Armenia is considered to be the first country to officially adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. The head of the church is the Catholicos of All Armenians, who resides in Holy Echmiadzin. Echmiadzin is the spiritual and administrative centre of Armenian Apostolic Church. The country has a very homogeneous ethnic composition, 97.9% of the population are of ethnic Armenian origin. Among other minorities are Russians, Assyrians, Ukrainians, Greeks, Georgians, and Belarusians.


The official language of the country is Armenian. However, almost 99% of population speaks Russian. English is also widely used within the country.


The climate in Armenia is continental with a large difference between the seasons, including hot summers and cold winters. Average summer temperature fluctuates between +22C to +36C, while in winter the temperature is -15C to -1C. The best time to visit the country is from April to October.

Banking and Currency

The banks in Yerevan are open from 10 am to 4 pm on week-days and from 10 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. The ATMs can be found in every corner in Yerevan. The national currency of Armenia is "Dram" (AMD) with notes of 1000, 5000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000 drams, as well as coins of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. The exchange rates can be found on the official web-site of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.


Argentine - Aygestan 12, ap. 6, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 576451, 576452

Belarus - Nikol Duman st., 12a fl.,Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 275611, 220269

Brazil -  57 Simyon Erevanci st.,Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 500210

Bulgaria - Nor Aresh, 16 Sofiayi st.,Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 458233, 458283

China - 12 Baghramyan st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 560067

Czech Republic - 48/1 Nalbandyan St, 5th floor, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 519373

Egypt - 6 Sepuhi st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 278213, 226755

France - 8 Grigor Lusavorich st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 591950

Georgia - 2/10 Babayan st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 200738

Germany - 29 Charenci st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 523279, 524581

Greece - 6 Derenik Demirtchyan Street, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 530051

India - 50/2 Dzorap  st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 539173, 539174, 539175

Iran - Komitas, 1 Budaghyan st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 280457

Iraq - Armenia Marriott Hotel, Yerevan, Tel: (+374 10) 599286, (+374 55) 434372

Italy - 1 Italia st., Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 542335, 542336, 542345

Japan - Teryan St., 105/1 Building, 5th Floor, Room 501, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 514391

Kazakhstan - Aygestan  st. 66, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 211333, 210999

Kuwait - Hr. Kochar Street 7/3, Yerevan, Tel: (+374 60) 508050, (+374 60) 508558

Lebanon – Dzoragyugh 13/14, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 501302, 501303, 501304

Lithuania -Babayan st. 2/13, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 297680

Poland - Hanrapetutyan st. 44a, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 542493, 542495

Romania - Barbyus st. 15, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) 10 275332

Russia -  Grigor Lusavorich st. 13a, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 567427, 545218

Sweden - Baghramyan Avenue 34, Tel.: (+374) (95) 95 95 01

Switzerland - Melik Adamyan St 2/1, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 524088

Syria - Baghramyan st. 14, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 524036,  529023

Turkmenistan - Yerznkyan St 52, Yerevan 33, (+374) (10) 221029

Ukraine - Arabkir st. 29, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 229727

United Kingdom -  Baghramyan st. 34, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 264301

United States -  American av. 1, Yerevan, Tel.: (+374) (10) 464700


There are two options to get to Armenia – by land or by plane. You can get to Armenia by plane, landing in Zvartnots International Airport located just 12km from Yerevan or Gyumri Airport which is 126km far from Yerevan. The second option is by land via Georgia and Iran.

Visa regulations

Foreigners enter the territory of the Republic of Armenian through border-control points. For entry a foreigner must have a valid passport, entry visa or a document of residency status unless Armenian laws or international agreements define no other procedure.

Minor foreigners may enter Armenia accompanied by parents or any other legal representative.

If a foreigner arrives to Armenia without any valid identity document or visa or if he gets refusal to obtain Armenian visa he cannot enter the territory of the Republic of Armenia and must be returned to his country of origin or to the country he arrived to Armenia from unless the aim of arrival is to apply for asylum or refugee status.

Transit visas are issued for a maximum of three days at AMD 10.000. A 21-day tourist visa can be issued upon arrival at AMD 3.000.

Public Transportation

Yerevan is a safe tourist destination where walking is perhaps the best way to get around. However, if you are short of time there are different modes of transportation in Armenia, including metro, taxi, bus and mini-bus.

Metro: The metro system in Yerevan is perhaps the quickest way to get around the city. It consists of just one line with 10 stations and runs between 6:30am and 23:00pm. The metro works on a token system with which costs 100 AMD and can be bought in the stations. It then has to be put in the turnstiles to enter the platforms. The metro stations are clean and comfortable with interesting architectural design.

Taxi: There are a lot of taxi services in Armenia, especially in the capital Yerevan. Taxis in Yerevan are cheap and available 24 hours. They arrive within 5 to 10 minutes and can take you to every part of the city. However, it is also possible to find a taxi in the street.

Bus and Mini-bus: buses and mini-buses go to all parts of the city from different bus- mini-bus stations. The fare is 100 AMD.

Rent a car: If you are going to stay in Yerevan for a long time, the best option to get around is to rent a car. You can choose from various models of cars presented on our website.

Time Zone

Armenia Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4). Starting from 2012 Armenia has abolished daylight saving time.

Public Holidays

When planning holidays or a weekend trip do not forget that banks, shops and official buildings may be closed at the time of your stay due to a bank holiday or public holiday. Public holidays in Armenia include:

·  Christmas and New Year (from December 31 to January 6),

·  Army Day - January 28

·  The International Women's Day - March 8

·  Genocide Remembrance Day – April 24

·  Labour Day - May 1

·  Victory and Peace Day - May 9

·  Republic Day - May 28

·  Constitution Day - July 5

·  Independence Day - September 21